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    Holy Face of Jesus
                                   Holy Face of Jesus

Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II

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The Prayer for Vocations

The Prayer for Vocations
Loving Father, it is Your will that people be saved and experience the consolation of Your love and mercy.  Hear our prayer for an increase in religious vocations.  Call men and women from all lands and from every walk of life to bring Your message of hope and salvation to the entire world.  Give them the grace to bring others to You through Jesus, Your Son, so that people the world over may share the justice and peace
He came to bring into this world.  Amen.


The Prayer for Vocations

Jesus, we adore You -
   Our Priest Ethernal,
   Our Teacher Divine,
   Our Brother, Our Saviour,
   Our God and our All.

Look to our needs, O Jesus -
   Our need of priests,
   Our need of sisters,
   Our need of brothers,
   Our need of hearts like Thine.

Give us vocations, O Jesus -
   In our parishes,
   In our parishes,
   In our homes.

Through Mary we ask.
With Mary we acclaim -

Praised be Jesus Christ


Nihil Obstat: James McGrath, J.C.D., Censor

Imprimatur: Anthony J. Bevilacqua, Archbishop of Philadelphia

January 1989

Direct words from Pope John Paul II

"There are children and young people waiting for someone to teach them the way of salvation.  There are men and women whose daily hard work causes them to feel keenly the need of God.  There are old people, sick and suffering people, waiting for someone to understand their concerns and reveal to them the hope of heaven... It is the duty of the Christian people to ask God, through the intercession Our Lady, that he send works to the harvest."