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    Holy Face of Jesus
                                   Holy Face of Jesus


Saint Veronica

July 12th

Saint Veronica wiped the Holy Face of Jesus, I AM carrying His cross to Golgotha.  The picture above of the Holy Face of Jesus is from the image of St. Veronica's veil with the words Imprimatur at the bottom of the picture.  This picture touched the actual veil of St. Veronica.

The Holy Face of Jesus from the Veil of Veronica is preserved in the Basilica of St. Peter, in the Vatican.

St. Veronica her name and legend comes from the words vera icon "true image"... the veil was called.  The devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus was eventually approved by Pope Leo XIII in 1885.  St. Veronica main attribute is a woman holding a cloth that bears the image of Christ's face.

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Saint Veronica pious act of wiping
The Holy Face of Jesus is revered on the


Saint Veronica made important act on this earth for God the Father.
Saint Veronica act left an imprint, a Holy Seal for all of God... children.
This Holy Seal was a manifestation by God the Father… Holy Face of Jesus.

This pontifical act happened on our Lord's Passion.
When Jesus was carrying His cross.

Saint Veronica was in the crowd. Saint Veronica wanted to help Jesus.
Saint Veronica took the veil off her head. She pushed the soldiers aside and ran through the crowd. Jesus the Son of God had just fallen, while carrying His Cross. Saint Veronica wiped the face of Jesus with her veil.
Jesus looked up and thanked her with a smile.

When she got home, she looked at her veil.
Saint Veronica found a benevolent sign by God, God the Father.

On her veil was the beautiful, adorable picture of the Holy Face of Jesus.

Saint Veronica pious act of wiping the Holy Face of Jesus...
originates the Holy Face of Jesus.

The Holy Seal is the noble Stamp of the Divinity.
The Holy Seal, the Holy Face of Jesus is the very image of God.