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    Holy Face of Jesus
                                   Holy Face of Jesus

Saint Jude Most Holy Apostle

Faithful Servant and Friend of Jesus


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Saint Jude Prayer and Novena

Saint Jude Prayer
Saint Jude, glorious apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the name of the traitor has caused you to be forgotten by many, but the true Church invokes you universally as the Patron of things despaired of;
pray for me, who am so miserable; pray for me that finally I may receive
the consolations and the succor of Heaven in all my necessities,
tribulations and sufferings, particularly (here make your request),
and that I may bless God with the Elect throughout Eternity.


Saint Jude is always pictured with
the medal of The Holy Face of Jesus.

"Saint Jude Pray for us and for all who invoke Thy Aid"

Novena To Saint Jude

Novena To Saint Jude


Brief Story about Saint Jude

Saint Jude was one of the twelve Apostles to Jesus.
Saint Jude is also called Saint Jude Thaddeus.  He had three brothers.  Their names were Saint James, Saint Simeon of Jerusalem and Joses.  Saint Jude and all three brothers were brethren, fellows members of Jesus.

After Jesus ascended into Heaven.  Saint Jude set out with his companions to preach the Gospel.
Saint Jude traveled throughout the Holy Land, where many people listened to him.
Saint Jude traveled in Samaria, Syria and in the Mesopotamia.

During Saint Jude extended travel, he met Saint Simeon and together they both preached together about Jesus IAM. 

Saint Jude taught souls:

  • To be humble.
  • To be meek.
  • He taught souls how to pray.

Saint Jude taught them to love God, God the Father.

Saint Jude also preached to the Jewish people.  Saint Jude wrote a long letter.
This letter was to all the Jewish converts.
The letter was called "The Epistle to the Hebrew Christians."

Saint Jude was true to his faith.  He would rather suffer than give up his faith in Jesus.
When Saint Jude was in Mesopotamia, he converted many sinners.
His enemies put him to death.  Saint Jude suffered as a martyr.

Saint Jude attributes:

  • Axe
  • Club
  • Boat
  • Ore
  • Medalloin

Other Facts:

St. Jude is depicted with a flame above his head, representing his presence at Pentecost, when he was said to have received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles.  According to the legend,
St. Jude was a son of Clopas and his mother Mary, a cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Saint Jude holding The Image of Edessa in his hand

St. Jude is traditionally depicted carrying, holding The Image of Edessa in his hand.
The legend of The Image of Edessa was recorded in apocryphal conformity between
Jesus and King Abgar which is reproduced in Eusebius history Ecclesiastica, I, XIII.  Eusebius relates that King Abgar of Edessa (now Sanliurfa in southeast Turkey) sent a letter to Jesus seeking a cure for an illness afflicting him.  With the letter he sent his consul Hannan, the keeper of the archives, offering his own home city to Jesus as a safe dwelling place.  The consul painted a likeness of Jesus with choice paints (or alternatively, impressed with King Abgar's faith).  Jesus pressed His Face into a cloth and gave it to the consul Hannan to take to King Abgar with his answer.  Upon seeing Jesus' image, the King Abgar placed it with great honor in one of his palatial houses.  After Christ's execution, St. Thomas the Apostle sent St. Jude to King Abgar and King Abgar of Edessa was cured.  Astonished, he converted to Christianity, along with many of the people under his rule.




Holy Apostle and Faithful Servant

Patron of the sick and helpless cases.
Saint Jude taught all people to love God.
Saint Jude said,
"We owe God praise and thanks for His endless mercy."

October 28th: Saint Jude, Feast Day