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    Holy Face of Jesus
                                   Holy Face of Jesus


Saint John The Apostle Life

Saint John The Apostle

December 27th


    • One of The Twelve Apostle
    • One Symbol - Eagle
St. John was the son of Zebedee and Salome.  His brother was St. James, who was another of the Twelve Apostles.  The Church consider him the same person as
St. John the Evangelist and the Beloved Disciple.  St. John was Jesus favorite Apostle,
Jesus, I AM words "Beloved Disciple".

St. John The Apostle with the Blessed Virgin Mother.
Saint Mary Magdalene At The foot of The Cross.
    • St. John The Apostle was at the foot of the Cross.
    • St. John The Apostle was always with the Virgin Blessed Mother, even the day Blessed Virgin Assumption into Heaven.
This is a true fact.
Before the Last Supper, Jesus told only St. John The Apostle His most "Beloved Disciple" the disciple (Judas Iscariot) that was going to betray Him, I Am that evening.

St. John The Apostle resting his head on Jesus I AM

Most pictures of St. John The Apostle and including the last supper, have St. John resting his head on Jesus.  This shows how close St. John The Apostle was with Jesus.  St. John The Apostle was clearly Jesus most "Beloved Disciple", and Jesus always protected St. John The Apostle when He was on earth and from Heaven.  Once a pagan group against all who believed in Christ tried to burn St. John The Apostle in oil, Jesus intervene the act against His most "Beloved Disciple" from Heaven.

St. John The Apostle outlived the remaining Apostles and was the only Apostle not to die a martyr's death.

St. John The Apostle and the Seraphim.
The Seraphim, also known as Seraph are the highest order or choir of Angels.  The Seraphim are the closest Angels to God.  Seraphim focus on praising and worshiping God, The Father of All Mankind for who He is and what He does, and they spend most of their time directly in God's presence in Heaven.

St. John The Apostle described Seraphim in Revelation, Chapter 4 verse 8 of the Bible: Each one of the four living creatures had six wings, and they were covered with eyes, inside and out.  Day and night they never stop saying:
"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and who is, and who is to come".


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