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    Holy Face of Jesus
                                   Holy Face of Jesus






Muslims and all nations unite... Catholic faith

Our Lady of Fatima


In 1915 Lucia sees a figure in white suspended in midair.
This was beginning of Fatima Supernatural Apparitions.


Jacinta Marto, Lucia Dos Santos
and Francisco Marto
August 1917 three children of Fatima in the patio of the home of the parents of Jacinta and Francisco Marto
(L to R)

Another picture of the three children of Fatima
Lucia Dos Santos, Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto
(L to R)



      1916 - 1919  

In the summer of 1916 the Angel of Peace appears three [3] times to the children of Fatima, Portugal:

  • During his first apparition, he taught them the Pardon Prayer. 
  • During his third apparition, with the Blessed Sacrament, Eucharist suspended in air.  He prostrated himself and recited the Angel's Prayer.a
Third apparition of the Angel of Peace according to Lucia memoirs...

The angel "was holding a chalice in his left hand, with the host suspended above
it, from which some drops of blood fell into the chalice.  Leaving the chalice  suspended in the air, the angel knelt down beside us and made us repeat three times: 'Most holy Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly.  I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended...'"

"Then, rising he took the chalice and Host in his hands.  He gave the Sacred Host to me, and shared the Blood from the chalice between Jacinta and Francisco (who not yet received their First Holy Communion) saying as he did so:
'Take and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by
ungrateful men!   Make reparation for their crimes and console your God.'"

Angel of Peace prepared them to receive the visit of the Blessed Mother that would occur in the following year [1917].

In 1917:

  • The Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Fatima appears six [6] times to
    the children of Fatima, Portugal.  The first apparition was on May 13, 1917.
  • The next five [5] connective apparitions took place on the thirteenth day of every month.  The sixth [last apparition], took place... October 13, 1917.
  • Early in these apparitions, Our lady said that Francisco and Jacinta would soon be taken into Heaven.
On May 13, 1917 the first apparition:

On May 13, 1917 the first apparition Our Lady said "I am from Heaven."

Our Lady on this day made the three children pray together this prayer:
"O most Holy Trinity, I adore You!  My God, my God, I love You in the most Blessed Sacrament!"

During this same apparition on May 13, 1917 when the three children asked about a girl who recently died. 
Our Blessed Virgin Mother said "She will be in Purgatory."

This apparition alone proves that both Heaven and Purgatory exist.
On June 13, 1917 the second apparition Our Lady said
"Jesus wishes to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world.
I promise salvation to those who embrace it."
On July 13, 1917 the third apparition:

On July 13, 1917 apparition Our Lady said "...continue to pray the Rosary every day,
in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, in order to obtain peace for the world
and the end of the war, because only she can help you."

On July 13, 1917 apparition Our Lady said "Sacrifice yourself for sinners,
and say many times to Jesus, especially whenever you make some:
O Jesus, it is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation
for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

On July 13, 1917, the Blessed Mother showed the children a vision of hell.

This apparition proves hell exist.

The sixth, last apparition October 13, 1917 called... Miracle of the Sun

On October 13, 1917, it rained all day.  The ground was soaked, drenched and flooded bad.  Many came, the people and all the reporters.
The Blessed Mother came and appeared to the three shepherd children.

The sun first came out slow...

Then the sun started to move, left and right.
The sun was dancing.

The sun started to move down towards all the people on land.
All the people were sacred and started yelling.

Then the sun receded back in the sky.

St. Joseph now appeared in this apparition.

Lucia's description of the last appearance after the sun during the
October 13, 1917 last Apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary from her memoirs:

After Our Lady had disappeared into the immense distance of the firmament, we beheld St. Joseph with the Child Jesus and Our Lady robed in white with a blue mantle, beside the sun.  St. Joseph and the Child Jesus appeared to bless the world, for they traced the sign of the cross with their hands.  When, a little later, this apparition disappeared, I saw Our Lord and Our  Lady; it seemed to me that it was Our Lady of Dolours.  Our Lord appeared to bless the world in the same manner as St. Joseph had done.  This apparition also vanished, and I saw Our Lady once more, this time resembling Our Lady of Carmel.

St. Joseph and the Divine Child Jesus
St. Joseph and the Divine Child Jesus as they appeared at Fatima.

Our Lady of Carmel Our Lady of Carmel

When this entire October 13, 1917 apparition was over
the land that was soaked, drenched and flooded was completely dry.

This is all true, very true and again documented by the people and reporters. 
This October 13, 1917 apparition was in the New York Times Paper.


Two years after the appartions in 1917...

On April 18, 1919 first Capelinha was built.  The Blessed Virgin Mother during the 1917 apparitions requested a Chapel be built on the site of the apparitions in Fatima.  The Capelinha in Portuguese means "little chapel."

On April 18, 1919 first Capelhina was built.
A picture of the chapel.


      1921 - 1930  


On October 13, 1921 the first mass was celebrated at Capelinha.

On December 10, 1925:
Our Lady came to Sister Lucia again, as she promised in 1917, eight years later
on December 10, 1925, with the Child Jesus in the Dorothean convent at Pontevedra, Spain.  The Blessed Virgin revealed a heart encircled by thorns.
Our Lady of Fatima announces to Sister Lucia the 5 first Saturdays devotion.

On June 13, 1929 Sister Lucia had a vision of the Mystery of the Holy Trinity.

On May 29, 1930 Our Lord explained to Sister Lucia why for the 5 first Saturdays devotion.  The 5 because of five kinds of offenses and blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

(1.) Immaculate Conception.
(2.) Her perpetual virginity.
(3.) Divine and spiritual maternity of Mary.
(4.) Rejection and dishonoring of her images.

(5.) Not implanting in the hearts of children a knowledge and love
        of this Immaculate Mother.

On October 13, 1930 Bishop of Leiria [Fatima] declares Fatima apparitions supernatural.


      1931 - 1938  


In 1935 Sister Lucia begins her memoirs.

On January 25, 1938 a great light appears as a warning in the sky.  Our Lady during the apparitions in 1917 told the three children that World War I would end, but a greater war will take place.  Our Lady told Lucia before this happens
you will a see a great light [sign] in the sky.  Many did see this light.
This was a meaning of a great war... World War II.


      1940 - 1942  


On December 8, 1940 Portugal consecrated to Mary's Immaculate Heart.

On October 31, 1942 World consecrated to Immaculate Heart.


      1950 - 1958  


On August 15, 1950 Sister Lucia confirms scapular is one of the conditions
of the Fatima Message.  Sister Lucia once said that: 
"The Rosary and the Brown Scapular are inseparable."

On July 7, 1952 Russia is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart.

On May 14, 1953 Fatima Basilica consecrated.

On May 13, 1958 The Virgin statue dedicated at Fatima Shrine.


      1964 - 1967  


On November 21, 1964 Pope Paul VI proclaims Blessed Virgin "Mother of the Church."

On May 13, 1965 Pope Paul VI presents golden rose to Fatima sanctuary.

On May 13, 1967 World consecrated to Immaculate Heart.


Sister Lucia with Pope Paul VI at Fatima, May, 1967.
A picture of Sister Lucia with Pope Paul VI at Fatima, May, 1967.

Sister Lucia said no picture nor statue of the Blessed Mother,
Our Lady of Fatima... could not show Her true Brilliant Beauty.
The first time she saw the Blessed Mother on May 13, 1917...
Lucia's words, Our Lady was "more brilliant than the sun."


      1982 - 1984  


On May 13, 1982
Pope John Paul II visits Fatima to thank Our Lady for saving his life.

On March 25, 1984 Pope John Paul II consecrates and entrust world and [implicitly] Russia to the Immaculate Heart.  Sister Lucia confirms this was accepted in Heaven.


      2000 - 2001  


On May 13, 2000 Beatification of Jacinta and Francisco.

On October 8, 2000 New Millennium entrusted to care of Blessed Virgin.

On February 20, 2001 Jacinta and Francisco feast day set at February 20th.

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima
The Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary


  • Francisco Marto was born on June 11, 1908; he died on April 4, 1919.

  • Jacinta Marto was born on March 11, 1910;
    she died on February 20, 1920.

  • Lucia Dos Santos was born on March 22, 1907 at 7 PM in the evening. 
    Sister Lucia Dos Santos a Carmelite nun died on February 13, 2006. 

Jacinta and Francisco Marto [Home]
Jacinta and Francisco Marto [Home]

Lucia Dos Santos [Home]
Lucia Dos Santos [Home]

Our Lady of Fatima carries an Islamic name.

God loves all His children.  God the Father is our Father and we are His children.
The Blessed Mother also showed her love, her maternal for... Islamic [people]
when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared at Fatima, Portugal.

This is true, very true this part.
The village of Fatima in Portugal is named after Mohammed's daughter, Fatima.
She was a Muslim princess.

This is also true, very true.

At the death of his daughter, Fatima, Mohammed said:

"She has the highest place in Heaven after the Blessed Virgin Mary."

Mohammed's daughter, Fatima. 
Mohammed's daughter, Fatima

Fatima is truly in Heaven with our Blessed Virgin Mary.